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P.O Box 84 Riverport, Nova Scotia, B0J 2W0, Canada

The Folkboat is a One Design Class and before FOLKEBÅDcentralen started producing them in GRP, more than 3000 wooden Folkboats had been built. To date the modern boat yard in Kerteminde has built app. 1000 G.R.P. Nordic Folkboats.

In the summer of 2002 the Folkboat celebrated her 60th birthday and yet she is younger than ever. This is one of the reasons why she is so loved and admired.
Her famous sailing abilities in all kinds of weather are still unrivalled, and regular improvements keep the boat young and up to date.

A Folkboat from Kerteminde is built from solid traditions of good craftmanship. No compromises are accepted!
Consequently, an investment in a Folkboat from Kerteminde is in every respect a safe investment.

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folkboat atlantic


  • Length: 7,64 m

  • LWL: 6,00 m

  • Beam: 2,20 m

  • Draught: 1,20 m

  • Displacement: 1.930 kg

  • Keel: 1.030 kg

  • Balast ratio: 53 %

  • Sail area: 24 m©˜

  • DH: 4,50


There are many things to consider when you order a new boat:

Are you buying it for racing?
For cruising?
How about safety? etc. etc.

Far too many expensive boats are left tied up at their moorings week after week. There are many reasons for this.
However, the Folkboat is different because she is simple, uncomplicated and easy to handle, and can be used for cruising or racing. She is always in use. She even costs very little to maintain.

These are some of the reasons why more and more people are changing to the Folkboat.

folkboat atlantic
folkboat atlantic
folkboat atlantic

What does a Folkboat cost?

The website of Folkebådcentralen ( offers you the possibility to "build" your own Folkboat. The boat of your dreams comes with a price tag in Euro's. It is the price F.O.B. Denmark.

Follow the next steps to calculate your price:

  • convert the price into $, Canadian or US, you could use
  • add import duties, 9% for Canada, 1,5% for the US.
  • add sales tax if applicable, depending upon which state or province you live (between 0 and 15%), on top of that
  • add freight costs. It varies from time to time and again it is depending upon where you live (between US $ 1,500 and 2,500)
folkboat atlantic
folkboat atlantic
folkboat atlantic